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​​Contact WNYFLTS (Western New York Finish Line & Timing Services for the timing of and help with your race. 


WNYFL&TS is the oldest and most established local racing service company and has been timing and scoring races for more than 30 years. We are a local company with a diverse group of experienced certified officials who are coaches, runners, and former race directors. For many years we have worked with local race directors to run successful and profitable road races and have assisted in providing all the requisite services to ensure a smooth, enjoyable, and accurate race day experience.


  • USAT&F Certified Officials
  • All inclusive fees, including race consultations (call for prices)
  • Timing & scoring for up to 600 runners
  • Race course certification upon request
  • Results tabulated in a timely manner and posted on
  • Continuous improvement based on customer feedback


Bob Kaminski                                                                                Sal Teresi

716-510-0116                                                                                716-310-7201